Civil matters

Civil cases are mostly individual cases filed seeking compensation for money and other disputes to settle. No sinner prosecution, includes in civil cases. It comprises cases like personal injury, property dispute, divorce, breach of contract etc. An accuser can demand unnecessary compensation. We help you to investigate against the claims to prove unfairness in demands.

We offer investigation services for following civil matters

Personal injury: In a case of getting injured or abused, fake claims may be launched for personal gains. We collect evidences about false claims.

Property dispute: In case of property dispute we will search out evidences related to document tampering and use of any unfair means.

Divorce and family law: Among highly increasing divorce ratio, our detection service is in demand to find the truth and collect proofs. In divorce and domestic law cases, we help you to prepare a character report to lead towards verdict.

Breach of contract: In a case of agreement breach, we assist you to gather legal documentation to finalise the matter.

Landlords and residents: Land owners illegally restrict unnecessary things or ask to vacate place without prior notice. In some cases, tenants try to grab the property with illegal fake documentations. We help you in your legal formalities for justice.

SAGA enterprises have years of experience in family and property investigation, with our committed, loyal forensic team we investigate legitimate ways to win battle. We keep secrecy in every single matter since our belief is; ‘Saga deals with your delicate, eminent and confidential issues.’

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