Matrimonial investigation

Increasing matrimonial issues leads to the pathetic end so better to ruin everything to save your family. At SAGA, we support you in pre/post matrimonial investigation. With our shadowing masters and matrimonial investigators, we work for flourishing your marital life. Trust, loyalty, understanding, commitment, affection, and fulfilling responsibility is the secrete of any happy relationship. We believe in ‘Clearing doubt is always better than pathetic end’.

Bureaucracy, Legislative and Judiciary bodies have supreme resources to manage the law but law enforcement cannot cease crime rates because of some limitations. SAGA enterprises, being a professional detective service provider, considers to help not only citizen but the government bodies too. Have complete solution with our highly trained surveillance experts and experienced detectives. Unlike government agencies we are not bounded by strict laws. We look for tinge of evidence in any possible way.

We offer matrimonial investigation in following areas:

  • Extra-marital affairs
  • Pre-matrimonial verification
  • Divorce investigation
Extramarital affairs



Extra-marital affairs

Insecurity, over passiveness, or suspicious nature kills your relationship. When your partner / spouse stops sharing little things, you may feel dreadful, because of suspicious behaviour.

 It could be a complete misunderstanding, prejudice or can be big red flag.



 Pre-matrimonial verification

Pre-Matrimonial verification is an essential approach to have and enjoy healthy marital relationship. Social obligation, culture, or customs may not save the future of two individuals being as life partner, it is entirely evolved around trust and loyalty. Before any commitment for marriage, you have to be 100% sure about certain things before making a decision.
pre matrimonial investigation pune
divorce investigation pune


 Divorce investigation

Divorce is not a simple choice to consider. Divorce is always accompanied with pain, bitterness, legal actions and separation of two individuals with many dependants. With our years of experience in handling matrimonial and divorce issues, SAGA offers you service for divorce applications including spouse’s extra marital affairs, child custody, financial dispute and many more issues.

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