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SAGA Enterprises is one of the leading detective agencies in Pune, with a vision to cater the detection and surveillance services. We offer our services across India, with our devoted, energetic and resourceful team members. We are result-driven organisation specialized in all matters requiring professional investigation. We investigate matrimonial, corporate and personal matters. Our team includes experienced detectives, surveillance experts, shadowing experts and forensic experts.

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Hiring a detective to test the bonds of trust in relationships is a growing trend in the city, with the clients getting younger over time. Detective agencies have traditionally offered background checks for pre-marital screening and employee verification, evidence collection for court cases and, more recently, solving of cybercrimes. The main clients soliciting these services have mostly been parents of eligible singles, lawyers and other third party agencies.


Pre-Matrimonial verification is an essential approach to have and enjoy healthy marital relationship. Social obligation, culture, or customs may not save the future of two individuals being as life partner, it is entirely evolved around trust and loyalty. Before any commitment for marriage, you have to be 100% sure about certain things before making a decision.

Various organisations complete the initial selection process on the basis of documents provided by the employee. Fake documents, having criminal records and bad character are the major concern in recruitment process. To prevent from such blunders, financial scandals, and other troublesome, company must be aware of pre-employment check. SAGA enterprises assists you with pre-employment check process.

Character report is the blue print of any individual which reveals hidden and opened slants. It is must demanding in various scenarios. Person with bad character, false legitimacy, disgraceful background, or addiction can adversely influence your business or personal life. At SAGA our detectives, shadowing and surveillance experts will keep an eye on subject strictly not to miss any single shade. With our high-tech surveillance equipment, we study every single dimension of subject’s personality and present detailed character report.

Irrespective to medium, small, or large-scale companies, victimised by false insurance claiming. We at SAGA enterprises, assist various organisations in case of false insurance claims. Accuser usually claims huge compensation using some fraud techniques which creates financial burden on company.


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Matrimonial Services

Increasing matrimonial issues lead to the pathetic end. So, it is better to resolve them to save family. We, at SAGA, support you in pre/post matrimonial investigation.

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Corporate Investigation

Corporate investigation is all about investigating frauds in business and detecting financial crimes and blunders. corporate crime and false insurance claims.

Personal Investigation

Personal Investigation

We, at SAGA, help and find out the reality for your inner peace. This type of investigation includes individual’s investigation requirement. civil matters, character report.

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Extra-marital Affairs
Pre-matrimonial Verification
Divorce Investigation
Corporate Investigation
Civil Matters
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