‘Your privacy is our priority’

Saga enterprises is 14 years old detective agency with a vision to cater the detection and surveillance services. Saga enterprises is an authorized and well-known detective agency in Pune. To support for righteousness and to fight against exploitation is the major emphasis of ‘Saga Enterprises’. We offer our services throughout India though we officially located in Pune. Our team includes professional investigators, surveillance and shadowing experts, forensic experts and legal advisors. Our dedicated pool meets your requirements within decided time. They are well-versed in critical thinking, problem solving, updated technology, written and oral communication skills. ‘Saga Enterprises’ is renowned for its result driven commitment and secured high rank in detective services. We investigate property crimes, pre-post matrimonial issues, corporate crimes and other issues such as homicides, sexual assaults, etc. Why SAGA? We are always unique, yet advanced in investigation services. There are numbers of clients who trust us because of our result-driven approach. Following uniqueness appeals you and allows to share your secrets with us.
  • Pan-India presence
  • Cross-border investigation services
  • Implementation of self-cultivated investigation methods
  • Use of advanced technology and broad intelligence network
  • Assistance with a quick solution and a concern of confidentiality
  • Guaranteed methodical & reliable investigation
  • Expert in matrimonial, corporate and personal investigation
Advisory Council: At Saga, we have initiated a council including legal advisors and psychological experts to benefit our clients. It is a platform where the unit of psychologists and lawyers work together to assist our clients in civil, corporate and family matters. At the panel, our professional experts bring together their wisdom and expertise which is widely acclaimed by various divisions of the industry and jurisdiction. We recognize that the legal process can be very painful and highly emotional in case of a deeply personal situation. With our expert panel, we are devoted to provide with an optimum solution in your emotionally charged cases. Our team of psychologist plays an important role in the investigation in case of marriage or other personal issues. With our result driven approach we serve you with the best out of any situation. The panel of experts support you with;
  1. Counseling support
  2. Behavioral analysis of the counter-part
  3. Root cause analysis of the issue
  4. Legal procedure guidance
  5. Legal compliances
  6. Legal cause-effect guidance

Our Advisory Council  

Adv. Santosh Ralegankar

Having 23 years of experience in Civil cases.

Adv Kiran Sudhir Gulve

Having 5 years of experience in Matrimonial Civil and Criminal cases.

Dr. Pooja Shah

Life and Mindset Transformation Coach and Healer Guiding people to manage and overcome all adversities in life and helping individuals to overcome grief, trauma and negativity by developing a positive mindset for life

Arpita Gaikwad – Naidu

Psychologist with 14 years of experience in family counseling, marital counseling and child counseling, advisory pannel.

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